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What is Functional Orthodontics?

Functional orthodontics involves more than just straightening teeth. It involves understanding and evaluating the relationships between the teeth, the jaws and how we breathe. Dr. Lawson is skilled in the design, application and control of functional appliances such as ALF’s (Advanced Lightwire Fuctional’s), dental arch expansion appliances and other orthopedic appliances that combined with braces will bring the lips, teeth and jaws into proper alignment. Preventing and correcting developmental, structural and functional problems in addition to creating a pleasing smile and facial balance is the key.

The result for you is a beautiful smile, facial balance, healthy jaw joints and improved breathing. The teeth are the pillars that support the jaws and the airway, and those pillars need to be aligned correctly to support those structures effectively. If you are considering orthodontics and have signs or symptoms of TMJ or sleep apnea, just straightening teeth is not the answer. Dr. Lawson and his team implement a comprehensive approach that will accommodate your needs. Our focus is to stabilize the jaw joints, open the airway, balance the face and balance the smile into a beautiful result.

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