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Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Lawson has acquired training in the growing field of Dentofacial Orthopedics in children. This deals with diagnosing, treatment planning and prescribing treatment that will stabilize the jaw joints, open the airway, balance the face and balance the smile into a beautiful result. Soft tissue dysfunction (mouth breathing, thumb sucking and incorrect swallowing) restricts forward development of the jaws and face, leaving insufficient space for the tongue and the teeth. Correcting these poor habits improves general health and allows children to develop properly and reach their full genetic potential.

Determining the location and cause of the obstruction, narrowing or collapsing – Technology helps
Dr. Lawson may use a Pharyngometer and Rhinometer to measure the air intake through the pharynx and nose. Acoustic Reflection Technology, a painless and non-invasive technology uses sound waves to draw a real time picture of your child’s nasal passages and oral airway. If oxygen levels are less than ideal all body systems that require oxygen subsequently suffer. This easy and comfortable test is accomplished simply by breathing. The results of these tests will help determine the best treatment for the optimal lifelong health of your child.

He may determine that the problem is not in the airway at all but in the nasal passages or adenoids or tonsils. It is at this point that your child will be referred to an Otolaryngologist (ENT). If the problem lies in the nasal passages, Dr. Lawson will provide the rhinometer scan to the ENT. If the adenoids and tonsils are to blame, the ENT will be able to determine the degree of obstruction and necessity for surgery.


Facial Profile – a recessed lower jaw
A recessed lower jaw may be an indicator of improper orthopedic development. Following a comprehensive evaluation your child may be fitted with a customized functional appliance to generally widen the upper dental arches and control musculature while correctly positioning the lower arch. These actions allow for proper tongue posturing (ample tongue space leads to nasal breathing), and widening of the nasal turbinates to improve nasal breathing, and the correction of vertical overclosure or narrow facial development. If required the teeth are repositioned so as to maintain these orthopedic corrections, which leads to optimized airway and desirable facial development.


  • Improved airway for life
  • Restful sleep/daytime attentiveness
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Reduced speech impediments
  • Effective chewing
  • Jaw joint health and comfort
  • Reduced incidence of earaches
  • Pleasing facial profiles
  • Confidence and improved self-esteem