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Your Child’s Dentofacial Development

dentofacialDr. Lawson has acquired training in the growing field of Dentofacial Orthopedics. This deals with diagnosing, treatment planning and remodeling facial bones to maximize airway space and skeletal development.

In addition Dr. Lawson recognizes that 75% of growing children have a malocclusion and incorrect facial development. Soft tissue dysfunction (habits including mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position and function, and incorrect swallowing activity) restricts forward development of the jaws and face, leaving insufficient space for the teeth. Correcting these poor habits improves general health and allows children to develop properly and reach their full genetic potential.

Dr. Lawson recommends that children be evaluated according to the following criteria:


Dental Arches

Are the arches taking on the prescribed wide “horseshoe” shape or the compromised narrow “V” shape? Is there sufficient space for the tongue? Is there evidence of dental crowding?

Dental Arch Relationships

Is the relationship between the upper and lower jaw normal-is there a normal bite or a deep bite?

Oral Habits

Thumb or finger sucking habits as well as long term pacifier and baby bottle use may affect the shape of the jaws and the position of the teeth. Are the front teeth protruded? Can the child bite properly? Does the child strain to put the lips together?

Myofunctional Habits

Is the child a mouth breather? Can the child breathe easily through the nose? Does the child have a normal swallow or a reverse swallow?

TMJ Symptoms

Does your child have symptoms that could be the result of a developing TMJ Dysfunction?